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Rakuen's Crab, Lobster and Seafood Tools Cracker Set of 10

* Perfect for cracking, peeling and deveining all types of shell fish and crustaceans
* Cracking and peeling seafood will never be so easy. Simply insert the serrated claw tip of the tool into the shell and tear open with ease
* Ergonomically designed shape so it's easy to hold and cut through shells
* Crack and cut crab with ease using one motion
* Made out of long lasting durable ABS plastic that is light weight and anti-microbial
* Tool measures 7 1/2" from tip to point
* Ideal for seafood buffets, restaurants or large gatherings. Don't have to worry about sharing tools

LIFETIME 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked! Factory warranty offered only when purchasing from Rakuen Inc. (only authorized seller on Amazon).
Order your Seafood Cracker Set today and be ready for the next seafood, crab or lobster fest!

Price: $22.99
  • MADE OF DURABLE LONG LASTING RED ABS PLASTIC - The bright red color makes this tool easy to find in the kitchen and the durable abs plastic ensures years of efficient use to enjoy your crustaceans.
  • SERRATED CLAW TIP EASILY SLIDES BENEATH SHELLS - Insert tip into the shell and work the tool up and down to crack and open crustacean shells with ease
  • HANDY FOR OPENING CRAB AND LOBSTER SHELLS - Crack, cut, and open crab and lobster shells with ease using one up and down motion.
  • CAN EVEN BE USED TO SHELL AND DEVEIN SHRIMP - This multi use seafood tool can be used to devein and deshell shrimp, clean and peel shrimp in mere seconds.
  • PERFECT FOR SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS, BUFFETS, AND MORE - Buy multiple seafood shellers so that your guests can each use their own without sharing. Gifts from Around The World

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