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For a Martini as Cold as Skinny-Dipping in a Nordic Lake with Greta Garbo.

The secret of the "World's Coldest" Martini is a specially-designed, 2-part glass chiller, guaranteed to keep your drink icy cold to the last sip. Barnaby Conrad III, author of "The Martini," writes, "A great martini should be like skinny-dipping in a Nordic lake with Greta Garbo -- teeth-chatteringly cold."

If you're a true believer, this remarkable 2-Part Chiller could be the solution to ensuring the coldest Martini possible (other than storing ingredients in the freezer, chilling garnishes in the refrigerator and frosting the glasses).  What was before a glass pure in its design has been reborn as the new and improved "World's Coldest" Martini Chiller.

A conical glass fits atop a balloon-shaped bowl that gets filled with cracked ice, keeping your Martini cold through the entire drink. The stemless glass can double as an elegant caviar, sleek shrimp cocktail, or practical frozen dessert server.  Simply fill the bowl with ice and place the glass cone atop.  Ideal for entertaining, and also makes the perfect gift for the Martini drinker in your life.  Each Gift Box Set contains 2 chiller bowls and 2 stemless glasses.

Price: $24.95
  • 2-piece, innovative design maintains constant temperature of contents
  • Conical glass fits atop a balloon-shaped bowl that gets filled with cracked ice
  • Holds 5.75 ounces, perfect for service of Martinis, caviar, shrimp cocktails, or frozen desserts
  • Dishwasher safe; toughened to withstand the rigors of the hospitality industry
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2" high; 4 1/4" top diameter; 2 1/2" bottom diameter; 4 3/8" maximum diameter Gifts from Around The World

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