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Product Description
Dazzle family and guests with this complete, hand carved, serving set made of mother of pearl. Unlike other serving utensils, mother of pearl will not alter the delicate taste of the caviar. Each utensil is approximately four inches long. Serving set includes a plate, spoon, fork, and knife. TIP-Choose servers and utensils made of glass, bone, tortoise shell, wood, plastic, or to be truly traditional, mother of pearl or gold.

Price: $26.00
  • Size: 4" inch-long utensils
  • Hand carved, creamy-white, mother of pearl (organic material)
  • One set includes spoon, fork, knife, and serving palette
  • Ideal for serving caviar and accompaniments
  • Traditional mother of pearl, which preserves the integrity of delicate caviar flavor Gifts from Around The World

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