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Product Description
Long Clawson Stilton (a cow's milk blue cheese) •Wensleydale with Cranberries (a crumbly semi soft cow's milk cheese with cranberries) • Sage Derby (a cow's milk cheddar with sage) •Keen's Traditional Cheddar (a raw cow's milk cheddar) •Red Leicester (a firm cow's milk cheese with annatto) •Somerdale's flavored Cheddars (cow's milk cheeses with either mustard seed, horseradish, or chives)

Price: $99.99
  • Best Cheddars, Blues, & Flavored Cheeses from England!
  • Package includes 3.5 Pounds of Cheese
  • See product description below for cheese included
  • Ships FedEx overnight, with gel ice and insulated box, to ensure product arrives in optimum condition. Gifts from Around The World

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