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Sevruga caviar is one of the highest priced varieties of caviar, eclipsed in cost only by the Beluga and Ossetra varieties. It is harvested from the Sevruga sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus) native to the Black, Azov, Caspian and Aegean Sea basins, but it has been extirpated from the last and it is predicted that the remaining natural population will follow soon due to overfishing. It is considered critically endangered by the IUCN and international trade in this species (including its caviar) is restricted by CITES under Appendix II. Suggested use: Sevruga caviar is a real treat for caviar connoisseurs. Small-medium pearlescent beads have a distinct taste that is only characteristic to this species. Sevruga is most known by more experienced consumers. Because of its high price, Sevruga caviar can be suggested as an aperitif for a small group or an exclusive event for a few select guests. It is an excellent choice for a high end restaurant or wine bar but be aware that its naturally soft egg shell does not follow the typical textural descriptions of high quality caviar. Attention: CITES certificate needed for export of this product. - Manufacturer: Sturgeon Aquafarms - Brand: Marky's Caviar, Sturgeon Aquafarms - Origin: USA, Bascom (Florida) - Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via Overnight delivery - Packaging: Jar / Tin - Storage Type: Only Refrigerated - Flavor: Distinguished smooth, crisp with sweet ocean flavor; Aromatic and savory taste, appreciated for its keen yet warm and iodized taste - Size: Medium to small size pearls - Color: Light pearl grey to dark - Appearance: Clear & Glossy - Best served alone on a mother of pearl spoon or a blini - Drinks: champagne brut or Blanc de Blanc (dry white sparkling wine). - We guarantee you won't be disappointed with delicious flavor of our caviar!

Price: $125.95
  • Sevruga caviar is the finest and most prestigious food in the world! Very aromatic, very savory, mellow, rich taste gloriously imparting the flavor of the sea. It is bursting with flavor exploding your mouth Sublime! This caviar will add a note of exclusivity and sophistication to any table and therefore will make a wonderful addition to the menu of any high end restaurant or a bar!
  • Our Caviar is organically grown and DOES NOT contain Pesticides, added Hormones or Antibiotics
  • It contains Omega 3�s, Vitamin A, B12, E, Calcium, Selenium and Iron which helps to promote strong bones, teeth and a healthy immune system
  • We guarantee Overnight Delivery with Ice Packs to preserve freshness. Note: the product is perishable and should be stored in refrigerator, 32-38F
  • We offer a unique and unsurpassed selection of the finest, first quality malossol caviar available, directly sourced and hand selected from each harvest. High quality at a low price! Gifts from Around The World

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