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Product Description
American White Sturgeon are original American species farmed in Californian ponds filled with fresh artesian waters. The natural diet they are fed allows to harvest caviar which is very close in flavor to that famous Russian Osetra caviar, generously sized beads boast light nutty taste, both smooth and robust. The eggs vary from golden brown to dark color with glossy and shiny appearance. Origin: USA Packaging: Jar Preparation: Fresh, Cured with Salt Caviar Fish & Grade: White Sturgeon, Grade 1 CITES for Export: Required Shelf Life Refrigerated: 4 to 6 weeks Storage Type: Only Refrigerated Brand: Marky's Caviar Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight Color: Golden brown to dark color Appearance: Shiny and glossy Flavor: Nutty flavor, both smooth and robust

Price: $79.95
  • Best Quality & Premium Taste
  • Fine Gourmet Foods for Someone Special
  • Ideal Corporate & Holiday Gift
  • Overnight Delivery with Ice Packs
  • We offer a unique and unsurpassed selection of the finest, first quality malossol caviar available, directly sourced and hand selected from each harvest. High quality at a low price! Gifts from Around The World

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