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Fortis Arma Tactical Pen - A Mighty Shield Of Protection For You & Yours

Life is full of surprises - good ones and bad. Being prepared can make a difference in how those surprises affect you and your family.

If you're anything like me, you don't like to be caught ill-prepared. When you put this tactical tool in your pocket every day, you'll know you are prepared for anything - from jotting a note to defending your life.

Among EDCs (everyday carry) products, this self-defense pen is a tool of unparalleled versatility. Virtually indistinguishable from its mundane counterparts, the tactical pen is your first line of defence in any emergency.

Even as a simple writing instrument, the Fortis Arma is formidable. The body of this self defense tool is built to last from durable lightweight aircraft aluminium. The pull off cap ensures you won't be wasting time unscrewing, rescrewing, misplacing, and crossthreading the cap. Housing a changeable cartridge which will accept Parker Oil ink refills, the Fortis Arma pen is ready to write for years to come.

It also features the strongest and sturdiest clip on the market to make sure it will stay attached in your pocket or bag. Carry one in your pocket, and keep an extra in your purse, briefcase, backpack or bugout bag.

At the edge of its pull-off cap you'll find a tungsten glass breaker, a vital tool in case of an accident or emergency. This strong tip will also do some damage in a situation where you may need to defend yourself.

At the other end is a DNA catcher which will not only fend off an attacker, but will also gather DNA for later investigation and identification.

Of course, the Fortis Arma pen includes an LED Flashlight. Use the tactical pen with light on either end of the pen, or pop it off and use it separately. The possibilities are as endless as the everyday situations you face.

Don't Wait Until You Need It! Order Your Own Fortis Arma Tactical Pen with Flashlight Today!

Price: $16.33
  • POCKET-SIZED LIFE SAVER: Make sure you're prepared for anything with this Fortis Arma Tactical pen. It's always ready for the mundane daily tasks and will be there at hand when the unexpected comes your way.
  • PACKED WITH FEATURES AND FUNCTION: The multifunction tactical pen packs a punch with its built-in LED light, pop-off self-storing cap, DNA catcher crown, and a tungsten glass breaker tip.
  • SELF-DEFENSE: Protect yourself, your family, and those around you from threat. This unassuming pen can change the victim to the victor with its easy to use powerful tungsten tip for striking back, and bring attackers to justice with the tactical pen's built in DNA catcher crown.
  • HEAVY DUTY- GUARANTEED: The Fortis Arma Tactical pen's body is made by extra strong and durable aircraft aluminum. Combined with the tungsten tip, firm rugged pocket clip, and long-life LED flashlight, this pen will remain by your side for years to come. In fact, we GUARANTEE it for life!
  • LIGHT YOUR WAY: The LED light is built into the cap, so it can be used while on the pen, or detached to be used separately as the need arises. Pop the pen out of your pocket to find the keyhole, or defend yourself with the tungsten tip in one hand and illuminate the threat with the light in the other hand. Gifts from Around The World

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