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Designed for lead guitar playing. 1.5mm of African Ebony has been laminated between two thin leaves of 0.5mm thick Curly Maple. The result is a pick which is slightly lighter than pure Ebony and has more grip Curly Maple feels slightly grainy and extremely light. What do we mean by light? If you've ever held a piece of balsa wood, you know exactly what we mean: it feels like its filled with air, not because of its weight, but because of its touch. Curly Maple's color also gives an appealing light and dark contrast with Ebony. This listing is for a single pick.

Price: $20.29
  • THINGS TO CONSIDER: One reason people use picks made of different materials is to achieve different densities. Dense picks (heavy woods, metals, rock and bone) tend to produce a heavier sound (preferred by hard rock/metal players) while less dense picks (plastics, nylon) provide a brighter sound. This is something that is very important to consider before buying your pick. Research the material this pick is made of to find out what type of sound it will product while playing.
  • THE QUALITY: This guitar picks materials are sourced from only the very best manufacturers and are made in the UK and stored in the United States.
  • WARRANTY: Each pick comes with a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to last you the life of your guitar. This pick is guaranteed against any manufacturer defect and each buyer is guaranteed one free replacement for any manufacturer defect that occurs during the course of the original buyers lifetime. This replacement is guaranteed by the manufacturer itself. WomenExquisite Gifts from Around The World

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