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Product Description

Sometimes all a room needs is a touch of the unexpected to make it feel fresh and exciting again. The unexpected doesn’t have to be something overly eclectic, or way out of left field either.

While making a functional and decorative impact, this mirror from Umbra – featuring an unexpected rubber rim, may be the sort of addition your room needs in order to feel new again.

Introducing the Hub 37” by Umbra

Hub 37” is a large, circular mirror, great for heavily trafficked areas like entryways, washrooms, living rooms, and hallways. Its rubber rim makes it more durable than your average round wall mirror, and gives it a modern, industrialized look. Introducing this piece to a room adds a subtle layer of dynamic and unexpected texture, thanks to its rubber rim.

This wall decor is a simple way to make a significant impact, and because Hub 37” is a larger, reflective piece, it will make light bounce around, helping the room appear bigger and brighter.

Hub’s friendly, circular shape looks at home amongst a variety of decors – lending to its ability to evolve with your own changing tastes, and personal style.

What Customers are Saying About Hub 37”

“The mirror shipped in perfect condition. It is an excellent large statement for any wall space. I was hesitant at first about the outer ring being rubber, but honestly it looks stylish and you wouldn't even think twice about it upon inspection. Would buy again, highly recommend for a large statement piece.”

“Absolutely love this mirror. Looks modern and elegant in our mid-century bohemian apartment.”

“Beautiful mirror at an inordinately low price. The mirror came very well packaged and intact. I looked at many round mirrors and could not find anything close to this price point. I have received many compliments. The mirror looks a lot more expensive than it is.”


Hub 37” has a 37-inch diameter and comes in black. It’s part of Umbra’s Hub collection, which includes furniture, as well as an oval mirror, 24-inch mirror, and a floor mirror.

For a modern and impactful round wall mirror, capable of transforming your space, order the Hub today.

About Umbra:A global product design company providing original, modern, casual, functional, and affordable design for the home.

Price: Too low to display
  • LARGE, CIRCULAR MIRROR: Hub is a 37-inch diameter mirror, with a black rubber frame that looks great in a variety of spaces
  • RUBBER FRAME: Hub's rubber frame not only adds to the look of this large wall mirror, but also doubles as a protective bumper, great for high-traffic areas like entryways
  • DESIGNED BY PAUL ROWAN FOR UMBRA: "I personally needed wall décor for my apartment and thought a large-scale mirror would be a simple and functional solution. The idea of using rubber appealed to me - its robust, strong, silhouette and protective, bumper-like quality was a very casual, innovative, design solution"
  • DECORATIVE AND BOOSTS LIGHT: If you're living in a smaller space, this large round mirror can trick the eye into making it appear larger, helping light bounce around the room, visually expanding the space, while serving as functional wall art
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This large, decorative, modern mirror is easy to install and has a picture hanging wire on the back for mounting Arts DecorExquisite Gifts from Around The World

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