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Product Description
This original santana poster was created by bob masse in 2001, mission by the santana fan club. This lovely art nouveau-styled poster is beautiful in almost any room. Impeccably printed on high-quality satin matte stock. Hand signed in silver ink by bob masse. Size: 14 å_" x 23. 5" in mint condition. Legendary canadian illustrator bob masse is one of rock's most seasoned and prolific poster artists, dating back to the '60s. But as his recent work shows, bob's work is as cool today as ever. All the masses we have are very nice -- ultra-mint with nice, bold signatures by bob, mostly in silver ink. His mastery of typographyposition and his illustrative skill andbined with our choice of great bands from bob's collection make these nicely-priced posters excellent gifts for a fan of any of these bands, or a great source for decorators looking for fine art lithography with interesting and relevant themes and subjects in a wide variety of color pallets. This is good stuff -- authentic, hand-signed and great to be around at a terrific price.

  • Created by legendary illustrator bob masse
  • Beautiful offset lithographic print
  • Hand-signed in silver ink by illustrator bob masse
  • Includes signed certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee
  • In flawless mint condition Arts DecorExquisite Gifts from Around The World

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