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20 packs per box Box Break Two Autographs, One Memorabilia Card, Two Starbursts, Thirteen Inserts BRILLIANT BEGINNINGS Check out the Brilliant Beginnings autograph set featuring 60 rookies. GAME TIME JERSEYS Find jumbo jersey's from 80 of the league's most talented players. MARKS OF BRILLIANCE Huge autograph checklist with over 200 legends and stars. COMMON STARBURST Look for Starburst parallels of all 300 base cards Two per box. SPRINGFIELD Look for this insert with a nod to the legends in the Basketball Hall of Fame. TEAM TOMORROW Check out Team Tomorrow, one of six inserts featuring blasts from the hobby's past. COLLECTION BREAKDOWN 300-card base set 240 Marks of Brilliance Autographs 60 Brilliant Beginnings Rookie Autographs City-to-City dual memorabilia cards Game time Jerseys memorabilia cards Starburst and Artist Proofs parallels PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 300-card base set, a huge autograph checklist featuring 240 veterans and legends and 60 rookies, plus brilliant inserts including blasts from the hobby's past. The legendary return of landmark inserts such as Starburst and Artists Proofs parallels. KEY SELLING POINTS A bold addition to the Panini America NBA portfolio bolstered by special embossed inserts that are different to the touch. City-to-City, a memorabilia card inspired by a Panini collector. Large 240-card autograph checklist in Marks of Brilliance and the league's 60 hottest rookies in Brilliant Beginnings.

Price: $69.99
  • Two Autographs per box
  • One Memorabilia Card per box
  • Two Starbursts, Thirteen Inserts per box
  • 6 Cards Pack-20 Packs Per Box CardsExquisite Gifts from Around The World

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