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ZOLYZON gives you the most exclusive 10-Pocket Server Book if you truly want to have all your paperwork and cash safely organized while looking professional and bringing in more tips than ever!

Designed by a passionate restaurant owner with great attention-to-detail & ambition for innovation!

Why choose our ZOLYZON Waitress Book?

1.Be Professional & Classy > the premium PU Leather has a sleek look, not sticky but sturdy - Impress your customers!

2.All-in-One Shops Save Time > you won't get just a guest check holder, but a 10-pocket organizer for your tips, credit cards, receipts or notes - We know your priorities!

3.Get the Highest Value & Quality > all our products are handmade, 2-step quality checked & designed for servers needs - all our waiter books come with a 5-Year Warranty!

4.Efficiency is our Goal > have everything you need at your fingertips all the time and show your customers that you truly care about their experience - They will notice!

5.Everyone loves a gift > besides the most compact & spacious 10-pocket waiter book, you will receive a FREE good quality and unique corkscrew to help you avoid any inconvenience while opening wine bottles!

Buy it once, Have it Forever - We guarantee your 110% satisfaction! If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we'll replace it for free or refund your money! No questions asked! No hassle!

Let's Give Ourselves a Chance to be THE BEST! Add the Exclusive 10-Pocket Server Book to cart and experience a new level of efficiency!

Price: $14.00
  • 🔑 WHILE OTHER SERVER BOOKS are made of flimsy plastic, are way too small and can't fit a guest check or they simply come in damaged, our 10-Pocket Server Book is made of PREMIUM PU Leather which gives it a SOFT & STURDY feel. All our products MUST past a 2-step QUALITY CHECK to avoid any inconvenience and the book's optimal size 5 x 7.5" allows you to FIT IN EVERYTHING even if you work in a busy restaurant. We know that being EFFICIENT brings you more tips. - BE THE GAME CHANGER!
  • 👪 OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE EVERY DAY EASY & FUN - We are real people who use our own products daily. We expect the best for our family and want the same for yours. That's why our waitress book is HANDMADE, uniquely designed for the most COMPACT but spacious experience. The premium material is NOT STICKY and makes the book easily maneuverable. Now, you CAN find a receipt quickly and hold it in your apron. Show your customers that you care about them & your job. - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!
  • 🎁 A PERFECT GIFT FOR YOU OR A LOVED ONE! If you are looking for a useful gift that has that "innovative and premium" WOW factor, then you will love our Zolyzon 10-Pocket Waitress/er Book. The SLEEK handmade design & black color are suitable for women and men while the innovative organizer is going to EXCITE even the pickiest friend, girlfriend or boyfriend. The server book comes with a FREE good quality and unique CORKSCREW for quickly opening wine bottles. - BE KIND & RECEIVE LOVE!
  • 🔋 MAKE EACH DAY YOUR MASTERPIECE! You WANT to securely hold all your tips & cash, organize the waiter paperwork & receipts or just increase your overall efficiency and speed... We want to provide the fastest vehicle towards those goals. Our Premium Waiter Book is a complete & uniquely design organizer. It features 10 pockets (not only 7) for credit cards, receipts, notes, check pad, PEN HOLDER and a BONUS zipped pocket for safely keeping cash (zipper issue solved!). - WE KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES!
  • 💯 ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU! We pride ourselves on providing only HIGH-END products and amazing UNITED STATES based customer service for our hospitality community. We created our Exclusive Server Book with EXTRA CARE and attention-to-detail to provide the most EFFICIENT & ORGANIZED experience. You can add the 10-Pocket Waitress Book to your cart with total peace of mind, knowing that if you aren't 110% happy with your purchase, we'll provide you a FULL refund. TicketsExquisite Gifts from Around The World

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