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Conventional wisdom among knife-fighting experts has it that knife throwing is a pursuit best left to circus performers, hillbilly theme park workers and hobbyists, and that it is useless for combat. In this update to his groundbreaking book, Ralph Thorn incorporates the very latest developments in equipment, theory, techniques and training to show why weapons throwing is even more suitable for actual combat today.

Thorn, who has practiced his craft for decades, begins by showing you how to balance a knife for throwing, including an explanation of the recent discovery of the universal perfect balance point that maximizes the ability to eliminate rotation in oblong throwing weapons. Next, he shows you how to design and make your own throwing knives out of readily available materials, build targets and practice various combat throwing techniques, with an emphasis on both safety and accuracy. He then demonstrates the best overhand, underhand and sidearm throws, and discusses the situations where each style works best. The author also includes chapters on psychological and physical conditioning, hunting and recreational skills, and the newest developments in weapons throwing.

This updated edition of Combat Knife Throwing should be read by every sportsman, knife aficionado and individual interested in self-defense.

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