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Product Description
The Backwoods Barnaby™ Costa Rican flag patch is a great way to show your support for the beautiful country of Costa Rica. You don't need a fancy accent to support this modern central American country; you just need to know how to climb coconut trees. ABOUT BACKWOODS BARNABY™ Backwoods Barnaby™ is inspired by American loving seekers of travel and adventure. There is no mountain too steep nor ocean too deep. We are so very proud of our troops, police forces, and all those that serve others through skill and athleticism. Backwoods Barnaby™ is an outdoors company for the outdoorsy side in all of us.

Price: $6.00
  • SIZED 2" X 3" - perfect size for sewing/ironing on your uniform, backpack, or jersey.
  • HIGH QUALITY EMBROIDERED W/ HEAT SEAL TECHNOLOGY - flag patch built for maximum durability and use. Easily irons and sews on to most fabrics and materials.
  • OFFICIAL FLAG OF COSTA RICA PATCH - show your pride for Costa Rica with this beautifully embroidered national flag heat-sealpatch.
  • SHIPS FROM USA - Backwoods Barnaby™ is an American company.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - all Backwoods Barnaby™ tactical patches are backed by 100% guarantee. If you aren't fully satisfied with your product, return it and receive your money back. Gifts from Around The World

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